Tillery Sims



A versatile professional

Identifying Needs & Providing Solutions

Thank you for your interest in my experience. It is my desire to ensure the success of the people and projects I serve.

I hope you will see from my resume that I have a unique ability to understand people and cultures. I enjoy serving as the connector who recognizes where needs intersect. My contract negotiation experience has honed my natural ability to understand the goals of those I serve, bringing about mutually beneficial conclusions. My intuitive people skills help to develop relationships that build healthy partnerships.

I enjoy working in a wide variety of industries. I have a curious mind that understands new ideas and concepts. I am a big-picture thinker who quickly assesses the needs of a project. I am not afraid to utilize unique ideas or bring in better-skilled individuals to ensure success.

I am at your service should you have a worthy project that I can promote with my passion and skills.


Tillery Sims



A versatile professional

Identifying Needs Providing Solutions

Tillery Timmons Sims is the Director of Operations at the Sandhills Area Research Association (SARA), a non-profit organization that supports and advocates for farmers on the High Plains of Texas. Tillery serves SARA and its founder Lacy Cotter-Vardeman developing and implementing business and philanthropic ventures.

She also serves as a board member of the Texas Hemp Growers Association (THGA), a group that aims to leverage producer influence on the emerging hemp (food, feed, and fiber) industry in Texas. Under her leadership as Executive Director THGA grew its reach internationally, serving as founding board members of the new Federation of International Hemp Organizations.

In 2023, Tillery and 2 colleagues created Agricultural Policy Solutions to provide marketing, policy, an advocacy, and business services to the ag sector.

Tillery is a 5th generation descendant of the pioneers who established Texas as a leader in agriculture, and she continues their legacy of adaptability and progress.

Tillery has deep roots in Terry County, Texas and currently lives in Lubbock, TX. She and her husband Doug managed a 2,000 acre farm before entering the energy industry. She serves as VP of Ag and Renewables for their company, Sims Lands Services.

Tillery is passionate about finding innovative and sustainable solutions for the challenges faced by farmers in the region. She is involved in research, education, and collaboration efforts with various stakeholders across the agricultural supply chain, including universities, conservation groups, and industry partners.

She is committed to fostering dialogue and knowledge exchange through SARA’s Ag Dialogues Conference, an annual event that brings together experts and practitioners to address shifts in the agricultural landscape and water depletion.

Tillery and Doug are amazed everyday that they have been blessed with 8 kids (who are the best humans God ever made) and the world’s most fabulous granddaughter.

Tillery is a member of the XVII Cohort of the prestigious Governor Dolph Briscoe Jr., Texas Agricultural Lifetime Leadership (TALL) program.

Sims Land Service — Energy Landman

APRIL 2017 - PRESENT | Lubbock, TX

  • Conduct research in parish and county courthouses to check coal, oil, gas, solar, wind, and estate information
  • Analyze and report on chains of title for client representatives
  • Liaise with landowners to secure access to property rights and facilitate company development on privately owned parcels

Texas Hemp Growers Association — Board Member

MARCH 2019 - PRESENT | Lubbock, TX

  • Direct a non-profit trade organization for an emerging new commodity
  • Strategize community outreach, PR, and marketing
  • Recruit and organize membership
  • Improved organizational processes and regulatory compliance
  • Develop international presence and full supply chain network
  • Lobby and consult for state, national, and international organizations and business
  • Partnered on successful animal feed application in Texas
  • Grant and economic development coordination for processing

facilities to ensure best possible cost savings

Doug & Tillery Sims Farms — Owner

1992 - 2007 | Brownfield, TX

  • Cultivated peanuts, sesame, wheat, cotton, and more
  • Protected operational interests by inspecting crops to

determine maturity, detect diseases and isolate pests

  • Worked closely with team members to strategize,

deliver requirements, and meet financial goals

Ag Policy Solutions

February 2023 - present | Texas, colorado, Indiana

The APS team provides services that connect innovative agribusinesses and farmers to resources, research, and partners that accelerate opportunities to benefit rural economies.

  • Systems applications for emerging ag industries and crops
  • Sustainability strategies for businesses, farmers and ag product producers
  • Agricultural supply chain development
  • Policy recommendations and relationships
  • Assisting regulatory agencies to develop program and enforcement strategies
  • Direct and manage approvals of animal feed ingredient applications and GRAS notices
  • Animal feed applications
  • Food and feed supply chain development
  • Innovative animal feed ingredient solutions and expertise
  • Feed ingredient applications to the FDA-CVM
  • Development and acceptance of Generally Recognized as Safe notices for animal feed ingredients
  • ​Product development from soil to shelf
  • Grant research and support
  • Lobbying and network development
  • Small business development
  • ESG opportunities
  • Ag eco-systems education
  • NPO management services
  • Agri-business Marketing



Process creation and implementation

via high-level administration:

developed successful non-profit start-up from board selection to ongoing

strategy and oversight

Client support and mediation: negotiated with disgruntled land and mineral owners to reach lease agreements

Research and documentation: searched

historical records and utilized internet

information to develop title reports

from sovereignty to current ownership

Federal and State government

advocacy: developed educational

material for lobbying efforts that

helped develop key relationships

to improve policy

Ability to coordinate diverse

and multi-cultural stakeholders:

located qualified and trustworthy

stakeholders to develop state,

national, and international projects

Experience and network in Texas

agriculture, oil, government

Experience in emerging markets:

utilized experience and research

skills to validate opportunities

preventing unwise investments

Extensive event coordination and

execution: successful execution of

multiple conferences, large weddings,

educational classes and community-wide events

Working with regulations and

compliance: assisted in the development

of policy for state bills, serve business through completion of mandatory paperwork to receive government certifications


  • Coordinating efforts to create the Federation of International Hemp Organizations, a newly formed association made up of all the longstanding national hemp organizations
  • Developed and serving on the Hemp Feed Consortium, a lobbying group for hemp as animal feed made up of stakeholders from across the US
  • Developed the Texas Hemp Feed Task Force completed application and received state approval of hemp oil/cake in KY and TX
  • Planned and executed 2 Farmer Field Days - recruited experienced food and fiber hemp farmers along with stakeholders from multiply states to provide information and education to 250+ farmers and ag leaders
  • Raised funds for genetic research for Texas Tech University
  • Coordinated educational classes with Dr. Calvin Trostle, Texas A&M Agrilife for the Amarillo Farm Show 2019 and 2021
  • Lobbied state and federal officials on behalf of hemp food and fiber
  • Provided policy language for a state bill that would recognize hemp as a commodity and require the state to promulgate rules for feed for animals not intended for human consumption
  • Identified experienced farmers from across the US to develop a national farmer-led organization focused on developing best practices, policy, and potential checkoff or market order program
  • Serve on D37 Standards Committee for ASTM
  • Consultant on agronomics and farmer relations
  • Planning and speaking at state and national events
  • Lobbied the U.S. Senate Ag Committee, multiple federal and state legislators, NASDA, and USDA in meetings and conferences
  • Provided education to local and state officials
  • Networking and connecting end buyers for product development
  • Create and consult on promotional material
  • Consulting on marketing and promotion for the National Industrial Hemp Council of America
  • Coordinated broadcasting on All Ag All Day for the National Industrial Hemp Council Hemp Summit
  • Developing and consulting on strategy for biomass production for single-use plastics
  • Developed business plans for start-up or expanding organizations
  • Researched multiple agricultural and rural ecosystems for USDA grant, developed required documentation
  • Connect business to SBA, Small Business Development, and economic development services
  • Complete mandatory paperwork for government certification
  • Grant research and development projects - awards of over 5 million
  • Locating sites for community solar developments with an emphasis on rural areas and owners where they will be most beneficial